Green Cubic Zirconia Deluxe Purple Pipe with Pumpkins, Triple Moon Glow in the Dark Porcelain Pipe

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This unique porcelain ceramic pipe has a beautiful Cubic Zirconia at its center. It is a one of a kind, hand made custom pipe.

- The pipe body coated with a mother of pearl glaze giving it a super glossy rainbow finish!


- Please see my FAQ for detailed care and cleaning instructions. I also send care instructions with the pipe. 

- Each pipe is shipped with a free glass screen.

- Captivating Cubic Zirconia is securely embedded in this ceramic pipe.

- Perimeter of Cubic Zirconia has a glow in the dark effect.

- Ceramic pipe is glazed with glass on the inside and out for easy cleaning.

- Beautiful hand sculpted design frames this beautiful Cubic Zirconia.

- Thick clay walls with hollow interior of the ceramic pipe.

- My mission as a maker is to create pieces that will inspire self care and a deeper bond with the earth.

Healing with Quartz
♥ Awareness ♥ Energy ♥ Knowledge ♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Clarity ♥ Purification

Cubic Zirconia resonates with the Third Eye Chakra, promoting clear pathways for vision work. Do you find you are running into setbacks often? The stone opens the third eye chakra to a greater sense of environmental awareness. Its optical and focal properties encourage using a practical view to see through challenging circumstances or matters. It opens perspective to see the beauty, light and the hidden significance in all.

This crystal also resonates with the Crown Chakra, connecting with higher knowledge. The original raw chemical element which creates the crystal is found in stars, meteorites and samples of lunar rocks from Earth’s moon. And, the intelligence guiding the creation of the first of the cubic zirconia stones was the coming together of gurus in their respective fields. To accomplish the final product, new technology was required and was based around purification, sterilization and allowing openness for new convention.

Cubic Zirconia works to release the Solar Plexus Chakra from projecting ego. It teaches one to release intimidation and fear of judgement. With this in mind, it offers liberation from the conventions & matrices of the material world and opens our will to a flow with humble acceptance of the value of human potential. Consequently, this can help shift perspective to one that is sobering and more practical.


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